Ian Leighton Horsemanship

What is Ian Leighton Horsemanship about?

Ian teaches sound principles in the art of horsemanship.

Ian and Kendric our Morgan stallion

This includes:

The essential components to achieve relaxation, softness, engagement, energy, balance and other elements of horsemanship for both horse and rider. 

All disciplines have one thing in common.

In order to perform and maintain physical and mental soundness through progressive training, horses need to work in a soft, supple, balanced, engaged, energetic and mentally focussed manner.

Ian Leighton Horsemanship teaches riders to develop and just as importantly maintain this.

Reduce the conflict in your horse’s life.

Additionally Ian can help you learn to teach life skills like ground handling, tying up, leg handling, float loading and helping your horse relax in any given situation.